Chris E.
Emily is truly a miraculously skilled and unendingly kind dog trainer.  She has been training and walking our two dogs for a few years now.  For whatever challenge arises with our precious pups, Emily provides thoughtful advice and concrete solutions which are focused on a very positive reinforcement approach to dog training.  She works flexibly with us, taking the dogs outdoors on her own, with us or working with us in our house for a short, focused series of lessons.   From everything to working on manners like not barking to crucial dog skills like potty training and safety, she draws from a very broad base of knowledge, and takes our personalities and that of our dogs into account, to help us form the happiest family we can be. In addition to her knowledge and passion, she also developed a very close relationship with our dogs where we feel like when she is with them, she is with a close family member.  The sound of her truck in front of the house literally gets the dogs leaping out of their sleep in excitement to see her. Lastly, she is a very kind person who is very easy to work with.  You will appreciate her work and passion!  Highly recommended.