Jessica B.
I'll start with the most important part - Emily is AMAZING! The saddest day for Honey (and us) is when we had to move away from San Francisco. As a totally non-dog related example to show how caring and empathetic she is - while we were travelling our cat was accidentally locked out of his food, and she was kind enough to stop by and let him out. Then the NEXT DAY, he got wrapped up in some cords, and Emily went out of her way to come save the kitty. Kitty was OK, and we owe her so much! Now dog related - we adopted our dog Honey from the SPCA and immediately found she was extremely shy and sensitive. She was *terrified* of our first walker. Not so with Emily! She slowly came out of her shell, and became a happier and healthier pup. We'd say, "Is your Emily coming?" and Honey would immediately perk up and head for the stairs. Emily worked so much with Honey, that her recall and leash walking all improved immensely, something that was a super pleasant surprise. Because of Honey's improvement, we started doing regular(ish) Zoom training sessions. I have to say, Emily is a natural teacher, and I learned so much each session. I highly recommend the Zoom sessions - safe and socially distant! She also boarded Honey multiple times, and I honestly think Honey liked staying with her more than us :P