Tian L.
There is no better way to say this - Emily is THE best! Bruno has been going on hikes with her and her group for the last 7 months and we're only leaving the group because I have moved down to the South Bay. Bruno was very protective and didn't take to strangers very well before he started walking with Emily. His recall skills were...also a bit lacking :p As soon as he started the hikes, I immediately saw an improvement in his recall within the first 2 weeks! 7 months later, he has improved so much! Emily both helped Bruno improve, but also gave me so many different games and tricks to help him learn, gain confidence and meet new people in a way that wasn't scary for him. Emily provided tons of updates on Bruno's progress and which has helped me feel comfortable knowing he can be trusted around humans, other dogs (both big and small, young and old!) and off leash.